All Good Boys Die Young

(muzyka J.Hertmanowski

tekst P.Bielecki)

This is a song about good boys
We want give him some metal noise
They will be crazy in second life
Children of chaos
They died by their own hands

All good boys die young

Hey! Hey man! What are you doing here?
Go to sleep. Your pillow is not here.
I feel brightness in my eyes. Maybe I'm dead
Maybe I'm alive

All good boys die young

Only my music screams inside of me. Only! Only!
So many dangers she'ii give to me. Watch out man!

"I'm sure we all know them
Those perverts, they're everywhere
Mmh, we're talking straight about facts
You know deep inside what's right or wrong
And the world stinks,
and the paradise is now a sewer
And they sell shit for gold
And you have to take what you've got" *

And now you scream with me
Fuck off!

All good boys forever!

* Accept "Heaven is hell"