Bells From Hell

(muzyka K.Dyczkowski, J.Hertmanowski

tekst P.Bielecki)

I'm sorry. I have to run it down for you.
Our the end is near. He won reelection.
Now situation is clear.

Don't take anything with you,
run to the hills with me.
We have for this all night long.
Come down it's only fear.
I have a seven eleven number on my forehead
I was born to be free like my mother said.
I would like to know what is that feeling so...
This is a reason that I fight for

All night we are all
War is everywhere
Listen to bells from hell

I know we must go I feel it well.
This is a destiny.
Night is my friend day is my bad dream.
Don't look back on the enemy
Red moon is on the rupture sky
and I see Wormwood
I hear a voice of trumpet and now is too late
for the choice.