(muzyka J.Hertmanowski

tekst P.Bielecki)

Are you ready for my tale?
When the night is near
And good girls need bad boys' games

Daddy please I will be kind
Let me dream about her
She's the only one
Yes I know about it

When comes the mignight
I hear beautiful voice
This is the channel
Paris radiolove!
This is a story which has never been told
You're living in my dreams anymore

Tell me lazy Tell me slowly
You are my the greatest treasure, please don't go
I don't care what you think about it
don't be silly and stop messing me around
Stay please

J'ai toujours su que l'on se rencontrerait.
Je ne sais pas comment l'expliquer.
Tu n'as même pas idëe à quel point
j'ai pu attendre le jour de notre rencontre.
Le jour où l'on resterai unis dans cette chanson
à jamais. A bientôt dans mes rêves!

I have always known that I would meet you.
I can't explain it to you. You don't know how
I have been waiting for this day when I meet you
and together we will stay in this song forever.
See you in a dream!

Od zawsze wiedziałem, że Cię spotkam.
Nie potrafię Ci tego wytłumaczyć.
Nawet nie wiesz, jak bardzo czekałam na ten dzień,
kiedy Cię poznam i razem zostaniemy
w tej piosence już na zawsze.
Do zobaczenia we śnie!