Rising Storm

(muzyka J.Hertmanowski
tekst P.Bielecki)

I always told you we would be together
And you looked at me and said to me - never
I've got a question mark in my eyes
What was I to do what?
Lazy clouds on my face
Everything is over
I don't want to believe it
You are not in my shoulders
I've got nothing in my life
Beside scream and cry

You are the morning sun
The hope has your name
I see you when you sleep
Let me try again
Feeling something the same
Feeling something so strong
Oh no I know
You are the rising storm

Blissful time is gone
And won't come back... ever
I lost my soul somewhere
Where? I don't know
Doesn't matter
I've got regret in my heart
I don't know why

I'm the rising storm
You are all my life
Oh no I know
I am romantic
Feeling something